Friday, March 5, 2010

Hang The DJ

Once again it's everybody's favorite most anticipated day of the week. That's right it's Friday afternoon and minds everywhere are racing with excitement. Where to go, who to go with, what to drink, where's the good tunes tonight? Music is among the most important factors when planning a night on the town and can make or break your good time with as little as one bad decision on the Dj's behalf.

Have you ever been at a bar enjoying a hard earned adult beverage when suddenly your ear drums are assaulted by a Guns 'n' Roses/House Of Pain mix over top of a distressing electronic loop? I've lived through it and if you even have to wonder for a second what my reaction was, don't even bother scrolling down to the awesome selection of Rock 'n' Roll below to kick off the weekend. You probably won't like it.

Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

The Beatles - Hard Days Night

The Cars - Just What I Needed

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Hey Tonight

Loverboy - Working For the Weekend


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