Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BLACK EYED PEAS - Posted by Teddy Roundhouse

the world is a scary and messed up place. a perfect example of this is the fame, fortune, and popularity of the black eyed peas.

the first thing i want to bring to the table is what the hell does this guy do in the band

skeletor seems to be doing nothing in the video besides dancing, lip syncing, AND FUCKING LEVITATING!

although i think floating around magically and getting paid a lot of money to do nothing is awesome, i'm still confused as to why he's there.

remember when fergie pissed her pants on stage?

you do now. no, that's not photoshopped. looks like fergie was having 'a good night' before she went on stage. mozoltov!

most girls do wear make up, that's a fact. but how many girls do it in front of some bizarre naked voodoo doll?

oh fergie, will you ever learn?

Wait for it....

Here it comes....

let's get it started in here,
-teddy roundhouse

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