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Show Review: New Found Glory with Saves The Day, Hellogoodbye, and Fireworks @ Royal Oak Theatre (Royal Oak, MI – 03/04/2010) - Posted by BLANKO MEOW

The undisputed champions of pop-punk are back with another headlining tour dedicated to all the long time fans of the band. It’s the 10 year anniversary of New Found Glory’s Self Titled album which is what this tour is based on. This is definitely a special show that any fan will not want to miss, especially with such an amazing line up of bands.

Michigan has always had a reputation of being a dirty sketch hole of a state. There’s a heavy crime rate and a cashiers are always working behind bulletproof glass. To my surprise, Royal Oak is such an artsy and posh area with a good upkeep. The concert venue looked like a legitimate performance theatre as well but altered into a concert club. It was a good vibe of mostly people in their 20’s inside with less teenagers, which was expected considering the fans grew with the band.

The first band on was Fireworks.

This was a hometown show for them, so everyone knew who they were and were really stoked to see them. It’s rare that you see the entire crowd knowing all the lyrics to the very first opening band. They played a huge selection of songs off their debut album ‘All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion’ and even a fan favourite off their EP ‘We Are Everywhere’. The crowd was definitely warming up early into the day and they’re for sure a band to look out for in the future. The new wave of pop-punk bands is looking very promising with Fireworks pushing strong.

The next band on was Hellogoodbye.

They’re probably the oddest band on the line up that doesn’t really fit in with the others but being friends with New Found Glory, they were invited to be on the tour. Surprisingly, they had a good crowd response throughout their set. Over the past while, Hellogoodbye has changed their sound from having syth and effects to now being more of an indie pop-rock band. I don’t blame them though considering the bands of today have butchered their sound with mass amounts of autotune. They stuck to playing mostly older songs off their self titled EP which seemed fitting considering the older crowd who would have listened to them back in the day. Some fan favourites from their debut album were on the setlist, as well as two new songs that showed their change in sound towards a more indie feel. They did a great joke entertaining the crowd and cracked a few jokes in between songs.

The direct support, Saves The Day, was on next.

It was very fitting to have them on the tour as the main opening band considering they’ve been around as long as New Found Glory, are well respected in the “scene”, and share the same fanbase. Singer Chris Conley never disappoints the crowd performing a wide selection of songs ranging from their first album all the way to their current one. They barely talked at all in between songs just so that they could play more. Everyone was singing along and emotionally connecting to the lyrics in filled with exaggerated analogies.

New Found Glory were finally on now.

This was the moment everyone waited for. The stage props were filled with images from the Self Titled album’s CD booklet. As the band was going on stage, their intro song was ‘Party In The USA’ by Miley Cyrus. It was a hysterical moment with people laughing and dancing around for the fun of it. Once the band started, they played the entire Self Titled album from start to finish in celebration of that album being 10 years old. This is why this tour is very special since the band has never played a setlist like that before. The crowd got really into it with endless moshpits, circle pits, and crowd surfing. You could tell that those songs brought everyone back with memories of their youth. It felt as if the crowd sang louder than the band at some points. They played a long encore too which had various greatest hits and fan favourites including songs such as ‘Hold My Hand’ and ‘Understatement’. Not once did the energy from the band or crowd ever lose touch. The band was very thankful to the fans throughout the performance because of still being supportive after many years. In my opinion, they’re one of the best live bands that don’t require any production at all.

It was an amazing show with an outstanding line up of bands. You couldn’t have asked for a better New Found Glory tour. The only downside was the amount of audio feedback you would hear inside the venue, which seemed hard for the bands to fix themselves since it was due to how the venue is constructed. When you know all the lyrics to the songs though, as everyone there seemed to, your own singing will drown out the audio difficulties. This is definitely a tour worth checking out more than once.

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