Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Costumes That Don't Suck! (And a Few That Do.)

With time winding down to H-day (Halloween to all you squares) I know it must be down to the wire for some of you last minute costume procrastinators. We here at Turning Down the Suck are coming to the rescue with some costume ideas that are sure to please and make you the toast of the town. So without further ado, we bring you… Costumes That Don’t Suck! (And a Few That Do.)

Steampunk Ironman

You don’t have to go to far to see how popular Iron Man is this year. Shelves in stores from Wal-Mart to Value Village are overflowing with cheap Iron Man/War Machine knock offs. Don’t be a lame follower, do what this guy did and put a fun spin on the classic Iron Man, or for that matter go as Classic Iron Man, he’s cooler anyway.

Transformers/ Voltron

Not the easiest costume to pull off, but if you can get it right you’ll be the talk of all your friends for years. Not for the faint of heart, these costumes usually take at least a month and cardboard cuts are the worst, but seeing your friends' jaws drop when you transform the mofo is worth all the work!


This is a costume that if done right will totally freak people out; a friend of mine did it last year. His makeup was done to make him look like he was made of plastic and he would randomly set himself up by ATMs or outside bars. People would come up and drop a nickel in the slot to get a fortune and he would suddenly animate and scare the pants off of them. The only drawback is that this costume is really bulky and a pain in the ass to carry around all night.


Best costume in a pinch. Uber cheap and depending on how much time you have and how much effort you're willing to put into it, you can really come out with some scary stuff!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Okay, name one kid who didn’t ever dress as a Ninja Turtle for Halloween. From 1987, when the cartoon came out, till I dunno, TODAY, kids have been dressing as the fearsome four. But it’s not just for kids, get your 3 best friends to order a pizza and get ready for the “Awww that’s awesome!” and “You guys are rad” ’s to start rolling in.

Teen Wolf - Special Mention.

This is a picture of my friend Dom who died last year. Halloween was his favorite time of the year and his costumes were always the best. We’ll miss you buddy.

Teen Wolf is a great costume not only 'cause it looks amazing but you can also go half the night as regular Scott (Michael J. Fox) then change into the wolf later on. You can even tell all your friends you forgot your costume then come out and surprise everyone! You’ll be the coolest guy around.

And now for the ones that suck...


I think it should be a rule of thumb that you stay away from spandex, latex or lycra unless you are a hot chick, then by all means spandex away. A wise man (or woman) once said “spandex is a privilege, not a right!”

Poorly Executed Star Wars Costumes

Star Wars is such an iconic institution that when your Storm Trooper sucks, it stands out. Take some time and plan these ones out, unlike these poor souls:



Well now that we’ve given you some kick ass (hopefully) ideas on the do’s and dont's of the holiday, (and I do consider it a holiday), get out there and get as much candy as you can. And here’s hoping you win a contest or two with some of our ideas (I expect a letter in the mail, some pictures and one of your tootsie rolls!)

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