Wednesday, March 3, 2010

COVERING ALL THE ANGLES - Posted by Danosaur Jr.

One of my favourite and most controversial areas of the music world is that of cover songs. I find it both impressive and unfortunate in the case that a refurbished cover version steals some if not all the thunder of a past artists hard work. The occurrence of this is highly rare as covers usually leave me feeling neutral towards both sides. Last but not least there is that sadly common occasion that you want the last couple minutes of your life back after hearing a great song be butchered beyond recognition. With all that being said here are some hand picked examples for all of the the above.

Train Kept A Rollin'

Tiny Bradshaw (Original)

Motörhead (Cover)

Although the original by Tiny Bradshaw is untouchable in it's own wholesome 1950's way, Motorhead led by legendary front man Lemmy Kilmister turned it up to 11 and rocked this song out to perfection on their 1977 self titled debut album.


Budgie (Original)

Metallica (Cover)

Once again in this case, I'm more or less neutral between both versions as they're very similar by genre. However there is one major factor working in favour of Budgie's original 1973 recording as opposed to that of Metallica's 1987 Garage Days album. I'm a sucker for female vocals, and I'm not just talking about any female vocals. I'm talking about that sexy Rock 'n' Roll voice that gets into your veins and puts goosebumps on your arms. You simply either feel it or you don't. I guess you can't "kill 'em all", Hetfield.

Summertime Blues

Eddie Cochran (Original)

Alan Jackson (Cover)

The 1958 original by Eddie Cochran is by no means a song just any band can mess with. Thankfully the majority of those who have hit the nail right on the head. Alan Jackson on the other hand somehow managed to hammer the square peg through the round hole and ended up with this Chevrolet commercial. While my negativity may stem from a general dislike for modern country music, I guess you could just as easily call me ignorant but hey, what are blogs for?

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