Turning Down The Suck is exactly what it sounds like. Our team of dedicated critics gives you the straight-up truth about the latest and greatest in music online and on stage. And now, we present the least-sucky reviewers on the internet.

Van der Sweet hails from Holland and has spent his entire life a victim of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Specifically, he has an uncontrollable urge to categorize everything - and he means everything.  He has lists for the bars he's been drunk in, the women he's slept with, the musical instruments he owns and even his favourite brands of cigarettes – all arranged from best to worst.  This makes him the perfect choice as Turning Down The Suck's resident Music List aggregator.  Watch for his now-infamous Best Of, Worst Of, Top Ten and more.


 From the upbeat catchiness of Pop-Punk to the headbanging riffs of Metal, Blanko ranges from all forms of rock that you'd find at festivals such as Warped Tour, Bamboozle, Mayhem, Taste of Chaos, and Ozzfest. Even with all of that, he tends to find guilty pleasure listening to Top 40 pop music. Underground or mainstream, it makes no difference to Blanko. You’ll find it all in his reviews.

Liberty Valance
Hailing From Nova Scotia by way of the frozen Yukon, Liberty is definitely a reviewer who doesn't suck. As a youth, when Liberty wasn't wrestling wolves or scooping salmon out of the mighty Yukon River with his bare hands, he was making tapes of his dads old Scorpions and Black Sabbath albums. At the tender age of 17 he set off on his own ,making his way to ontario with the simple motto of Bluegrass, Beer, Boobs, blood and Bullets. He likes his trucks covered in mud just like his women, and his whiskey straight, like the sight on his old bird gun, he's firm as red clay and as constant as.....drinkin',...... he's constantly drinking.

Danosaur Jr. is extremely thankful for his musical upbringing as his family has been inclined in the field since he can remember. Jr’s love for studying all kinds of music has continued to grow over the years and he maintains a vast collection. Lucky for you he likes to share... so sit back, watch, listen, and most importantly enjoy!

He’s raised on rock n’ roll, good times, and high fives... Teddy would rather be kicked in the crotch then have to listen to 10 seconds of a Black Eyed Peas song. Teddy currently holds the world record for longest air guitar solo and was the first person ever to say that ska sucked. He hopes to put today's music where it belongs... in the toilet or in (or around) a garbage bin. Teddy Roundhouse likes to litter.


Vic likes all kinds of music, he ain’t discriminate.  Except when it comes to country; he's tried and it’s not happening.  But Vic’s home, his constant if you will, is Hip Hop and has been for some time now.  He tends to consider himself a "90's child" as all the music he adores comes from that period, but it always comes back to 90's hip hop jams.  Vic’s open, easy-going and likes to give everything a chance.

There you have it folks, the all-star team of Reviewers That Don't Suck.  If we pick anybody up along the way you'll find them here.
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