Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DISNEY LOVIN' - Posted by Bitty Q

Sometimes I forget about those few years when a girl doesn’t know any better and thinks that fairytales exist in real life: truly believing your prince will pick you up on his flying carpet, that true love is as simple as the shoe fitting, and strangers that lurk in the Forest are romantic. I had given up my princess dream the year I realized I more closely resembled the evil stepsisters than Cinderella, or Ursula the soul-sucking sea witch than Ariel.

A recent trip to Disney on Ice (the Princess edition) and a series of Disney movie marathons have softened my edges once again. A few days ago I was at a friend’s house, probably drinking too much, when we started playing around and downloading our favorite Disney songs. It almost instantly put me in a good mood - that’s when I remembered the Disney magic. Soon enough I was back in 1994, when Beauty and the Beast came out and Belle (the first Brunette princess) changed my life. Suddenly, I was convinced otherwise of my cynical outlook. Here are just a few of my Disney Princess dating parallels and swoon-worthy moments.

The Little Mermaid- Kiss the Girl
Performed by Sebastien and a variety of water creatures.

I once went on a date while I had strep throat. If you know me then you know how hard it is for me to be silent...ever. Subsequently he did most of the talking, and while he was blabbing on and on about kinesiology I blacked out… I cannot recall if it was boredom or a fever. The date did not end with a goodnight kiss.

Aladdin- A Whole New World
Performed by Princess Jasmin and Aladdin aka Prince Ali

In university I had a boyfriend who would invite me over to take hallucinogenic drugs and make out - it really was a whole new world! I guess that’s the closest I ever came to a magic carpet ride.

Cinderella- So This is Love
Performed by Cinderella and Prince Charming

Since Prince Charming is the ultimate lover, I don’t know that I have anything to compare to him. I do remember a shoe salesman at Barney's who gave me special feeling when he slipped a pair of Chanel pumps on my feet.

Sleeping Beauty – Once Upon a Dream
Performed by Briar-Rose aka Princess Aurora and Prince Philip

A few summers ago I met this Banjo-playing-freeloader in Union Square. Just like Prince Philip, he wore a cape and liked to follow me around without my knowing. In a twisted way it was flattering and romantic.

Beauty and The Beast- Something There That Wasn’t there Before
Performed by Belle and The Beast

Like I said, I have wanted to be Belle since I first laid eyes on that French Damsel. Again, I have nothing to compare, but possibly a lesson can be learned from this love. Wait it out with the ugly ones: sometimes they turn out be handsomely rich!

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